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    [–] Petwins 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone coming in from r/all and people who are here otherwise about our rules. This is a rather strict sub, in particular for this post please do check our rules 3 and 5 before participating. We don't allow off topic comments, personal anecdotes, or soapboxing (ranting about the industry) as top level comments (replies directly to OP).

    There have been some reports/concerns about the removed top level comments, so I did want to clarify that they all fall under the above cases as not actually being complete objective explanations to what was requested.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask here, in mod mail, or in our r/ideasforeli5 suggestion box subreddit, and otherwise I hope you enjoy the sub.

    [–] tsavorite4 629 points ago

    Oddly enough, there is actually a huge discrepancy between natural and synthetic rubies, sapphires, and emeralds (among others) but the price gap hasn’t happened with diamonds yet.

    The entire natural diamond world is trying their best to keep prices high though. Really interesting time to be in the industry

    [–] Roboculon 142 points ago

    The entire natural diamond world is trying their best to keep prices high though.

    So is the artificial diamond world. Why would the makers of artificial diamonds hope to see the prices of their own product come down? They are all on the same page. High diamond prices = good.

    [–] Flo422 57 points ago

    This condenses down to "why don't they compete with each other", usually the answer is "they ignore the law".

    It just takes some time to get the evidence that is good enough to get them to compete.

    In this case it already took decades, but "cheap" products should eventually enter the market, they might not be 100% as good, but cost 80% less.

    [–] Nayr747 7 points ago

    They will have to be less expensive to be competitive. Consumers won't pay as much for something that doesn't have the romantic idea of being naturally created over billions of years, even if it's technically identical.

    [–] Roboculon 9 points ago

    I’d argue that some will pay more, not less. Wouldn’t your fiancé love a diamond that is 100% pure, real, and high quality —yet free of blood and guilt? I’d argue that a diamond made by a nice middle class white person in Canada will be able to command a premium over a regular diamond, mined by a child slave in Africa. And so it should.

    [–] [deleted] 2251 points ago


    [–] dmalvarado 506 points ago

    Speaking from experience, lab grown kids are not cheap.

    Worth it though

    [–] Light_Beard 110 points ago

    *GATTACA has entered the Chat*

    [–] jat124 44 points ago

    Do you mind sharing the company website or a link on where you got yours? I trust a random consumer more than online marketing.

    [–] Kfittt 25 points ago

    Not OP, but I have a moissanite engagement ring and wedding band that I love. The engagement ring is from and the wedding band is from an Etsy maker that got her stones I believe from Charles & Colvard. There are lots of companies that do moissanite jewelry but seems these are the two prominent places (in the US at least) and many people I’ve seen get them from Chinese companies with great results. Check out r/moissanite for more random people talking about their pretty rings lol

    [–] [deleted] 2985 points ago


    [–] TathanOTS 2027 points ago

    Lab grown diamonds have made it into jewelery stores at this point. Some well know chains carry them.

    [–] LeahaP1013 1198 points ago

    And charge ridiculous amounts for them.

    [–] Kaptain202 1221 points ago

    My wife's lab grown diamonds (for her engagement ring) cut the cost in half.

    I had a real sapphire as the centerpiece and smaller diamonds around the sapphire. I knew my wife would care more about the price tag than the "real-ness" of the diamonds.

    [–] gropingforelmo 912 points ago

    We just got officially engaged, and designed an engagement ring with a local jeweler who is, and I'm saying this in the most positive and complimentary way, a huge nerd about diamonds. I've been interested in diamonds and grading and all that for a while, but I learned so much from this man! After we expressed interest in getting a lab grown stone, he actually said he thinks the lab grown is better for almost everyone. He still carries mined stones, for those that still prefer something "natural" (a term which he scoffed at, since as he said "man just recreates the conditions that make mined diamonds; there's no real difference between the two.")

    One thing that makes perfext sense, but I didn't think about before, is how price per carat bumps up a bit at the boundaries. For example, a .97 carat stone would be noticeably cheaper than a 1.01 carat stone, just because they know some people will want the full carat, even though it is literally impossible to tell the difference once it's in a setting, or even side by side without tools. The .97 may even look bigger than the 1.01 depending on cut and perspective. We ended up getting the 1.01 since it was in budget, and was a slightly better grade than the .97 anyway. Gotta say, there is a little part of me that is glad we have the full carat, and I know just how silly that sounds.

    Working with an independent jeweler, that obviously loves his craft, totally changed my mind about jewelery and diamonds.

    [–] vesperipellis 366 points ago

    De Beers also is behind several of the synthetic diamond companies. They get you either way. The synthetic are priced at half to make them less attractive to traditional buyers and still priced way over any normal mark up for their production costs.

    [–] giganano 102 points ago

    DeBeers is"Lightbox" or "element6" in the lab grown diamond market.

    [–] kin_of_rumplefor 104 points ago

    Meanwhile they remain largely responsible for the term “blood diamond”. Fuck de beers

    [–] IntMainVoidGang 109 points ago

    I'm glad that jeweler likes lab grown. As someone who lived in Sierra Leone, I hate mined diamonds with a passion.

    [–] picklemonster1 18 points ago

    You should make a post about your experience, I’m sure a lot of people would find that interesting

    [–] holy_coyote 221 points ago

    Not to mention that buying earth-mined diamonds perpetuates slave labor in many countries!

    [–] [deleted] 159 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] _gina_marie_ 119 points ago

    Yeah I’m not sure why they implied they’re not real lol. A diamond is a diamond it doesn’t really matter how it forms if they can’t even tell lab grown from .... earth grown?

    [–] dfournier13 103 points ago

    Twas a smear campaign run in the 80s and 90s by the big shareholders of mined diamond industry. The idea was to gaslight consumers to question the legitimacy of lab diamonds. The effect stuck even though it's been proven that lab grown is the same as mined (except even with less impurities.)

    [–] GodPleaseYes 52 points ago

    Yup. You spot "fake" lab grown diamonds either by their code in the diamond or by how freaking clean it is.

    [–] xSharke 43 points ago

    A lot cheaper than natural diamonds at least

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    To add to this, they are usually labelled as synthetic or laboratory manufactured too. Or you can ask. Most trustworthy vendors will know if they’re natural or synthetic.

    [–] Terrakit 668 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I bought my fiance a ring with lab grown diamond and emeralds in from an online store. It was about 1/5 the price I would have paid and the level of clarity was about 3 tiers higher than the natural counterparts. They were also not mined by slaves so that's another plus!

    Edit: I bought mine here

    [–] owa00 455 points ago

    But the slave labor is what gives the diamond that "unique" feel!

    [–] designatedcrasher 151 points ago

    if you look at real diamonds through a jewellers loupe and have the skill you can tell how many Carats (Souls) there are and this adds to the value

    [–] GandalfTheGrey1991 429 points ago

    My ex bought me a lab grown emerald in an engagement ring. It was significantly cheaper than a mined emerald and flawless. Too bad we split up because I love that ring but can’t wear it anymore.

    [–] SevenDragonWaffles 250 points ago

    You can have it taken out of its setting and worked into something else.

    [–] AlastairWyghtwood 141 points ago

    My partner and I purchased his wedding ring from Charles & Colvard. The ring is lab grown Moissanite, which is almost as hard as diamonds and harder than Sapphires (diamond is 10 mohs, moissanite is 9.25 mohs, sapphire is 9 mohs). It also has a higher refractive index than diamonds so it sparkles incredibly bright, which he loves.

    I recently checked their website to see about a possible Christmas gift as well, as I was so happy with the quality of my partners ring, and discovered they are also producing lab grown diamonds under the label “Caydia”. They are more expensive than the moissanite rings but if the fact of it being a “diamond” is important to you it is still a more affordable option with high quality diamonds.

    [–] afreiden 61 points ago

    d.nea is a great source for lab grown diamonds. got my wife a blue one and she frequently gets compliments when she remembers to wear it..

    [–] A_Level_2 24 points ago

    It looks like an expensive site, I'm guessing it's still a pricey purchase

    [–] LorddFarsquaad 135 points ago

    I don't trust any website that doesn't show you the prices while browsing

    [–] ozbljud 38 points ago

    Yeah this is all the same with courses all over the internet. The bonuses, the discount, the advantages, the possibilities, how many already gained from this, while I scroll down to see the cost of it... usually you have to pre-register or something, give the email to see it. That somehow tells me it's not worth it

    [–] alek_hiddel 19827 points ago

    Marketing and monopoly. Diamonds are not unique or rare on this planet. The DeBeers corporation has a long standing monopoly, and an incredible marketing campaign stressing that you should spend 2 months salary on a ring if you really love your future wife.

    Truth be told, lab grown diamonds are so perfect at this point, that DeBeers is spending millions trying to figure out how to tell the difference.

    [–] AshingiiAshuaa 16187 points ago

    lab grown diamonds are so perfect

    Doesn't the perfect woman deserve a perfect diamond? Don't settle, demand perfection. Demand lab-grown.

    [–] Piorn 10866 points ago

    Women love diamonds for their multitude of industrial applications.

    [–] arbitrageME 1900 points ago

    it's like an insurance policy, you know? If the world ends, at least you can take off your ring and grab a hammer and whittle a carbon-steel shank

    [–] Direwolf202 867 points ago

    And more practically in the scenario of kidnapping, do you want a perfect lab grown diamond in order to break out of a window, or do you really want to settle for something a little more flawed.

    [–] kroncw 492 points ago

    Surprise, the kidnapper foresaw this scenario and has coated the windows with diamond!

    [–] Direwolf202 629 points ago

    If the kidnapper has invested that much into getting a hold of you, they probably deserve the win at that point.

    [–] man_b0jangl3ss 379 points ago

    Also, their objective is probably not money, so escape immediately

    [–] Malbethion 162 points ago

    You have been selected for the catgirl mating program. Escape is impossible.

    [–] Princess_Moon_Butt 87 points ago

    Are you accepting volunteer captives, by chance? Should I send a resume?

    [–] SkyezOpen 69 points ago

    No locks needed if she's a weeb.

    [–] shroomlover0420 70 points ago

    I don't know about deserve but at that point you're basically fucking with Batman so just go slack and imagine how great heaven is gonna be.

    [–] NotAPreppie 80 points ago

    Just be sure not to overheat the metal in the process... carbon is soluble in steel.

    [–] zgembo1337 343 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My better half just bought a bunch of diamonds for herself...

    ....on a diamond cutting wheel (for a rotary tool/dremel).

    [–] IMA_BLACKSTAR 255 points ago

    Yeah so he has like a million diamonds

    Omg Becky he's a millionaire good for you girly!

    Millionaire? No, he's a window setter.

    [–] bee-sting 184 points ago

    Im a woman who loves my diamonds! I have a diamond scribe that I use to cut silicon wafers

    [–] [deleted] 438 points ago

    Get your wife what she deserves

    A Bosch HDG38 3/8 inch diamond hole saw that cuts through granite like butter.

    Bosch, Invented for life

    [–] NerfJihad 269 points ago

    Are we doing a heist?

    Honey, these Amazon recommendations look like we're doing a heist.

    [–] OwlThief32 475 points ago

    I had to core a hole in a buildings foundation to allow a water service to be connected and the entire time I was pretending I was drilling into a bank vault. Gotta entertain yourself somehow because drilling holes in 18 inches of concrete is downright boring.

    [–] IRNotMonkeyIRMan 235 points ago

    drilling holes in 18 inches of concrete is downright boring.


    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1827 points ago


    [–] Tyrilean 3069 points ago

    How can I show my wife I truly love her if the rock I bought her wasn't dug out of the ground by a slave boy in a third world country?

    [–] [deleted] 757 points ago


    [–] DesertMoloch 837 points ago

    DeBeers absolutely loves this though. They'll sell you blood diamonds, no problem. But want it guilt free? Theyll happily sell you "Conflict Free" diamonds at a large markup from the rest of their stock. Good luck proving that your rock came from a different hole in the ground than the cheaper ones though.

    [–] alex494 545 points ago

    If they sell conflict free diamonds as a separate product from their other ones but both are the same brand then they're still complicit in it even if you don't buy the dirtier product.

    [–] Therandomfox 218 points ago

    Yup. But people slurp up their bullshit either way.

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago


    [–] FlamingJesusOnaStick 30 points ago

    Yup, don't forget the black diamonds.

    [–] conquer69 70 points ago

    Of course but the kind of person that can easily reach those conclusions wasn't buying a pointless overpriced rock anyway.

    [–] judge_au 167 points ago

    I mean if people are stupid enough to fall for it..

    I seen some guys on ebay were selling a picture of a 3090 in a box, clearly stated it was a picture only multiple times and it still had 44 bids and was at $700

    [–] LorddFarsquaad 240 points ago

    That one specifically may not be but some of those make it obvious for humans not to buy it but are meant to trick bots into bidding on them to mess with scalpers

    [–] hughperman 186 points ago

    That is an excellent way to be ethically unethical

    [–] SenorBirdman 82 points ago

    Chaotic good

    [–] fusefivekay 77 points ago

    Learned recently that these traps aren't for humans they are there to catch bots. Sounds like the one you have caught 2

    [–] vortigaunt64 73 points ago

    That sounds more like a trap for scalper bots than anything.

    [–] Pipupipupi 160 points ago

    Diamond cost is based on the number of souls it contains.

    [–] fathertime979 136 points ago

    But how strong is the soul in this gem? I don't want to be refilling my staff every 3rd spell cast.

    [–] punkmeets 60 points ago

    Regains 1d8+4 small child souls every dawn.

    [–] MrScrib 26 points ago

    Now you're just out there giving DeBeers more ideas.

    "Buy a diamond from us and we'll sacrifice a small third world child every morning to the blood gods for that genuine I want to show how much I care."

    [–] jimmygrim 31 points ago

    Depends on where you are. In Cyrodiil for example a black soul gem filled with a grand soul with enchant 20%. Get yourself a chameleon spell and 5 items to enchant and you'll never be seen again.

    [–] Dioxid3 18 points ago

    I’ll take ”Phrases that get me to purgatory for 500”, Alex

    [–] crumpledlinensuit 50 points ago

    "I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds, I heard people die while they're trying to find 'em".

    [–] [deleted] 218 points ago


    [–] Duel_Loser 111 points ago

    Instead of indirectly killing some kid in another part of the world, kill a kid directly nearby. Remind her that if the apocalypse comes, you're prepared.

    [–] TheeDodger 38 points ago

    Kill the right kid and you don’t even have to pay for the diamond.

    uh. Was that my outside voice?

    [–] Oswarez 44 points ago

    How can you call it true love if there hasn’t been a feature film, starring Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio, about the subject of exploitation of diamond workers and the greed that leads to blood diamonds? If at least four people haven’t died for the rock in your girlfriend’s ring then you might as well just spit in her face.

    [–] Zooicide85 545 points ago

    It’s not even true though. They have flaws like any other diamonds. They are rated on clarity, cut, and color just like natural diamonds. And, by the way, the closer to perfect either a natural or lab made diamond is, the more valuable it is (it’s just that the lab made one will cost you a lot less for the same quality)

    [–] SAGNUTZ 473 points ago

    Also the money goes to someone other than debeers

    [–] fujnky 72 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    De Beers is also one of the largest synthetic diamond producers:

    [–] apraetor 326 points ago

    And doesn't involve all sorts of labor abuses

    [–] DumbassNinja 162 points ago

    Just got an engagement ring with lab grown diamonds a month ago, fiancées' mom said this. "What, did he just cheap out? Lab diamonds aren't as good as natural diamonds."

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    I would have just asked, oh yea, I'm what possible way are they not as good?

    [–] capn_ed 52 points ago

    They are less expensive. If you look upon the engagement ring as a demonstration of earning potential and willingness to expend resources to provide for the spouse (and by extension, potential future offspring), a more expensive gift demonstrates greater reproductive fitness.

    [–] Neat__Guy 46 points ago

    Could also argue spending more on a diamond because it's natural vs man made, but virtually no other difference shows less reproductive fitness as the buyer is not prudent with their money.

    [–] capn_ed 34 points ago

    Probably if you're rational enough to make that connection, you can also put together that the willingness to expend resources extravagantly may not transfer to offspring, devaluing the whole signal to begin with.

    [–] PuyallupCoug 28 points ago

    Bought my wife a moissanite for our engagement. Sparklier than diamonds at a fraction of the cost.

    [–] everyonelse 39 points ago

    Can I ask where do you buy lab grown diamonds from?

    [–] DumbassNinja 32 points ago

    I got mine at Riddles, I believe most jewelers carry them but they're not usually labeled as lab grown

    [–] koalajg7 58 points ago

    My engagement ring is from a company called Vrai! Their lab grown diamonds are made with renewable energy & they used recycled metals whenever possible in their designs

    [–] annah315 29 points ago

    Brilliant earth is a great site for lab grown diamonds and gemstones. Plus all their bands are made from recycled metals.

    [–] dla26 86 points ago

    But if perfection is a flaw then it's no longer perfect. Which then means it doesn't have a flaw anymore so that means it's perfect but perfection is a flaw so it's no longer perfect so it doesn't have a flaw so it's perfect which means it's flawed so it's no longer perfect so it doesn't have a flaw so it's perfect which means it's flawed...

    [–] eXequitas 83 points ago

    Turn around, looks like I need to turn you off and on again

    [–] zaphdingbatman 342 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    How do I prove that I will make a good father unless I pay a monopoly to pay a warlord to exploit someone else's child to dig a rock out of the ground under horrendous working conditions? Growing one in a lab, what kind of witchcraft is that? Some kind of devil worship, certainly. It's not natural! Next thing we know you'll be trying to tell us it's the 21st century. Preposterous!

    [–] cacecil1 97 points ago

    Yeah, next thing you know, we'll be growing meat in a lab too so animals won't have to be killed for our food!

    Oh wait....

    [–] HapticSloughton 256 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm waiting for the scientist/billionaire to come up with a way to implant holographic images in lab-grown diamonds.

    You'd get a picture of your loved one, a poem, or whatever in the stone. You could then put your diamond ring in a special projector that would display the image contained inside on a nearby surface.

    I'll take my "totally stupid idea that will make someone millions" check now, please.

    [–] trainercatlady 44 points ago

    Dude that would be pretty neat

    [–] roadrunnuh 82 points ago

    Gotta come up with something sleek and sexy to replace "lab grown". Really good though, lets smoke cigars and work this out

    [–] Tophtech 258 points ago

    Artist crafted diamonds, science diamonds, boutique diamonds, cruelty free diamonds, Pure™ diamonds, leet diamonds, yeet diamonds, ultimate diamonds, ultra diamonds, Best Diamonds. I think things got away from me there in the middle, but there are no wrong ideas in brainstorming.

    [–] Cho_Zen 96 points ago

    DeBest diamonds

    [–] Neethis 81 points ago

    "It's not De Beers - it's DeBest."

    [–] Cutsdeep- 197 points ago

    Artisanal diamonds

    [–] SilentSamurai 85 points ago

    Organic diamonds

    [–] MagnarOfWinterfell 39 points ago

    Are they Gluten free?

    [–] borgchupacabras 44 points ago

    No idea, but they are free range.

    [–] PanicAtTheFishIsle 23 points ago

    ‘I can’t believe it’s not diamonds’ diamonds

    [–] NorthBall 39 points ago

    My favorite anal-containing word.

    [–] Verlepte 15 points ago

    And it's true, art is anal...

    [–] TheShroomHermit 107 points ago

    I like cruelty free diamonds, for the implication that mining uses slave labor

    [–] almost_imperfect 77 points ago

    Blood-free diamonds!

    [–] SAGNUTZ 49 points ago


    [–] pearlsbeforedogs 33 points ago

    Only containing sweat and tears now! Yay!

    [–] neonsquiggle 19 points ago

    Bloodless diamonds!

    [–] Duel_Loser 24 points ago

    I vote we call them "science rocks" and let DeBeers putrify the name of the diamond.

    [–] dan_dares 48 points ago

    'Crafted by the worlds finest minds to be as perfect as your love'

    [–] TransientVoltage409 58 points ago

    Cultured? We have cultured pearls, which are real pearls; we have cultured stone, which is not stone at all; we have cultured butter, which is butter gone bad but in a good way. I'd go with 'cultured diamond' just because it means whatever you want it to mean.

    [–] plasmidlifecrisis 53 points ago

    "Designer diamonds"

    [–] Eokokok 266 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Few years ago Russia claimed they will release their raw stones reserves, estimated at roughly 15 years of total world diamond trade. No idea why they backed out of this, but I would guess there are more diamonds locked up in warehouses then in circulation by now...

    [–] usrevenge 176 points ago

    Diamonds only have value because they are stored. You release that many the price will tank.

    [–] wubrgess 517 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    They're even trying to sell the imperfections as a bonus from coming from the ground

    I remember reading recently about using white sapphires instead of diamonds since only trained jewellers with a microscope or something could tell the difference

    [–] buckydamwitty 298 points ago

    White sapphire makes a terrible diamond simulant. Noticeable even to the untrained eye.

    [–] lucky_719 172 points ago

    So easy to spot. Where are the rainbows white sapphire?? Hmmm?? Moissanite vs diamond now... Good luck.

    [–] Jahuteskye 154 points ago

    Isn't moissanite arguably more brilliant and beautiful than diamond? If I recall, it might be better with different cuts, too? I'm not an expert but this is what my greenhorn research came up with.

    [–] FranklinFuckinMint 230 points ago

    Moissanite is WAY better looking than diamond. It's so damn sparkly.

    Try selling my wife on that, though.

    [–] Kandiru 115 points ago

    Much better looking, and also definitely conflict free! No idea why anyone would want diamond over it.

    It's also much rarer, naturally occurring moissanite only comes from meteors I think.

    Lab made ones are easier to make too, so lower greenhouse gases.

    [–] koshgeo 67 points ago

    Moissanite is silicon carbide, which is nice and hard (almost as hard as diamond) and you're right, it is much more "sparkly". It's quite rare in nature, meteorite impacts being one of the places it is found, but as far as I know it's never "gem" quality in nature. You have to grow them in the lab.

    [–] AHungryVelociraptor 59 points ago

    I love my moissanite, but I actually had to convince my husband into it. Unfortunately, prices seem to be rising; I recently looked up our rings and they had gone up nearly 50%!

    [–] HouseOfSteak 27 points ago

    tbf, that's pretty easy, actually - if you have an eye for what I diamond and moissanite are supposed to look like.

    Put them both in sunlight. One of them is going to be incredibly noticeably brighter than the other. That's the moissanite.

    [–] K_Furbs 222 points ago

    Several years ago they started marketing the fuck out of "chocolate" diamonds. Which were previously considered dirty and unwanted due to their impure inclusions

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago


    [–] Fatlantis 34 points ago

    Am jeweller. Yeah, everyone knows that chocolate and champagne and cognac diamonds are technically low quality colour.

    But at the end of the day, good quality ones are still BEAUTIFUL stones.

    [–] HitoriPanda 48 points ago

    They labeled brown diamond as chocolate diamonds. Even defective has marketability.

    [–] SubcommanderShran 37 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Joke's on them, I get paid by the hour. Only managers get salaries!!

    [–] AUrugby 977 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This is outdated information. My extended family is in jewelry, we have had this discussion.

    There are now testers for lab grown diamonds in most jewelry stores. DeBeers is not “spending millions trying to figure out the difference”, that was done a few years back.

    As for the DeBeers people, they broke the lab stone market already. They purchased Lightbox, a major player in the synthetic diamond industry, and then cut the price per carat down to $800 if I remember correctly.

    This essentially created a price so dichotomous that it becomes unrealistic. See, clients are now left with the obvious choice: a $1600 lab stone or a $27,000 natural stone, both at 2 carats.

    While some people will say “oh the lab stone”, most people subconsciously wonder why there is a difference if they’re supposedly the same thing. They then will write off the lab stones as cheap, or imitations, and move to natural stones. The jewelers also push this mentality as well as not offering any incentives or credits to buy synthetic.

    In short, DeBeer’s is far smarter than people give them credit for. Lab grown stones won’t be on the market much longer, because they simply aren’t selling

    [–] Shadowbanned_User 364 points ago

    Lab grown isn't going anywhere, too many industrial uses. Good point on the dichotomy for consumers though - smart move by DeBeers

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago

    You don't get to own almost the entire world's market by being dumb. Also corruption and violence, lots of corruption and violence, but still some measure of smarts.

    [–] cinred 632 points ago

    DeBeer’s is far smarter than people give them credit for.

    I think the inverse is more accurate. Your average couple is far more gullible than people give them credit for.

    [–] CarlsbergCuddles 65 points ago

    "Heyyy I love this person but I don't have x amount per ounce of diamond. Ohhh, so theres another option? Okay cool let's do that then" is much more common then you think.

    [–] Actually_a_Patrick 37 points ago

    And then instead of not getting any money from you, you end up convinced that giving them 1600 for a different shiny rock is a good deal

    [–] oldmonty 181 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm going to need a source on the 2ct lab-grown stone for $1600, I looked into this recently and couldn't find anything in the 2-3ct range under 6-10k.

    I looked at the lightbox site and it looks like they sell diamonds for $800/ct up to 1/2ct per stone...

    Their 1ct rings are actually TOTAL carrots which means the total from multiple 1/2ct or less stones.

    The biggest single stone I can see on their website is a 1ct stone in a necklace which costs 1k and has 14k gold which means most of the value is in the diamond itself.

    Also their ring designs are garbage!! They should just sell stones and let the actual designers make the rings.

    If you can actually offer larger stones at $800/ct I'd love to buy some.

    Edit: I guess if I turn all the filters off on the other diamond site I was using(not lightbox) I can get some diamonds with the lowest possible color and clarity rating for around 1200/ct (2500 for 2 carats). If this is what's being offered in the store from the "lab grown" side its no wonder people go for the other options.

    [–] Chocobean 90 points ago

    My extended family is in jewelry,

    I think OP is talking about $800/carat wholesale, just the gem, without a setting

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Ditovontease 12 points ago

    My fiance proposed before he had a ring so I got to pick mine out. I went with lab Alexandrite and Moissanite side stones because I'd rather him spend two months salary on a fucking house than something sentimental that will depreciate drastically in value once purchased anyway. ALSO my ring is beautiful, I get compliments on it all the time.

    [–] Arctic_Gnome 48 points ago

    Aren't monopolies illegal?

    [–] Jenifarr 148 points ago

    Some are. There are legal government sactioned monopolies, and monopolies that exist just because nobody else is trying to enter the market. They only become problems if the company is either abusing their monopoly (if it was a legal one to begin with) or they are trying to create a monopoly by eliminating their competition via buying their businesses or other means of getting them removed from the market.

    You could argue DeBeers is abusing the market, but they actually only control just under 30% of the diamond market these days. It's also historically been a complicated issue because of where the operations take place and the local laws there. They caused some shit during WWII while trying to fake the scarcity or diamonds, too, but that's a while other thing.

    [–] Mazon_Del 30 points ago

    There are legal government sactioned monopolies

    As an example to this, the United Launch Alliance was a government sanctioned monopoly. It existed because Boeing and Lockheed Martin told the government that there just wasn't enough business for heavy lift satellite contracts for two of them. They were basically losing money on each launch just paying to upkeep their ground support equipment and tooling. So they asked permission to make a joint company that would be the monopoly, saying that if they didn't get that permission than within a year one of them was just going to quit and sell all their stuff to the other company and the government would STILL end up with a monopoly.

    [–] [deleted] 3256 points ago


    [–] snow-days 1755 points ago

    The "Diamonds Are Forever" marketing campaign is arguably the most successful marketing campaign ever. It is almost entirely responsible for the diamond engagement ring tradition.

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Beachy5313 54 points ago

    Which I don't understand AT ALL, they're really unfortunate looking. Stripping away "status" and all that, it's just straight up ugly and I have no idea who is purchasing them.

    [–] momofeveryone5 17 points ago

    Yes, let me spend thousands of hard earned money for diamond that look like literal shit. I just don't get it

    [–] Magiwarriorx 822 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ironically diamonds are not forever, either. They slowly decay back to graphite over the course of ~15,000 years. EDIT: billions of years. No idea where I got 15,000.

    It's not like the average engagement would last long enough to notice, but still.

    [–] Tontonsb 219 points ago

    Can confirm, this happened to my grandma's ring, it was visibly detoriated by their 8900th anniversary.

    [–] intekommunist 15 points ago

    Is Queen Elizabeth your grandma?

    [–] Cinder_Quill 629 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The average engagement

    Yeah, that engagement between Dracula and the Elven Princess is really throwing off the curve here 😅

    [–] Serious_Feedback 13 points ago

    If we assume that Dracula and the elven princess are a few thousand years old, then it only takes a small city before they don't noticeably affect the curve. Bump it up to the age of the universe at ~13 billion, and that still shouldn't be that noticeable if we're talking about humanity's average engagement age (since it'd be watered down by the billion humans).

    You'd need to find an engagement between two entities a few orders of magnitude older than time. Or immortal time travellers maybe.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    This thread sounds like a good WP lol

    [–] chadrik 67 points ago

    “Diamonds are essentially forever” doesn’t have the same ring, though (pun intended).

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Wuellig 120 points ago

    There's a local jewelry store ad that comes right out and owns that it's PR by saying something like, "only a mined diamond is truly a symbol of love."

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] MrBeverly 80 points ago

    "The only way to show your love to your fiance is by showing your hatred for your fellow man; Contract an African Slaver to mine rocks for you today!"

    [–] ThisMansJourney 172 points ago

    They look really really nice though. A well cut diamond is a beautiful thing. That is the basic desire to have one, say over a block of cheese

    [–] NowanIlfideme 156 points ago

    A block of cheese is also beautiful, just less sturdy...

    [–] scrap_of_sassafras 89 points ago

    And more tasty.

    [–] [deleted] 1205 points ago


    [–] JustSomeUsername99 779 points ago

    In fact, even though diamonds are more expensive than emeralds, sapphires, and rubys, the other stones are actually more rare. Diamonds are fairly common in the gemstone world.

    [–] itstimetonapnapnap 327 points ago

    I wonder if this is why many royals have other stones instead of diamonds as their main stone in their rings.

    [–] ecodude74 457 points ago

    That, and for a long time diamonds were considered kind of boring as far as gemstones go, people wanted exotic and flashy displays of wealth, preferring colorful settings of jewels like ruby and emeralds with complex designs.

    [–] Neethis 177 points ago

    This is a weird trend that stretches back a long way. People used to prefer coloured gems. Classical Greek and Roman sculpture was often painted. I'd love to know if there's an over all trend towards a more austere appearance when it comes to shows of wealth.

    [–] DinnerForBreakfast 178 points ago

    Certain dyes were a lot more expensive in the past. Painting something blue, purple, etc. was very expensive. It's cheap now, so colorfulness is no longer an indicator of wealth.

    [–] quadroplegic 48 points ago

    Ultramarine was literally made of crushed lapis lazuli. It’s why blue used to be the color for girls/women.

    [–] werewolf_nr 72 points ago

    To some extent, the difficulty of keeping the item clean and white became the indicator of wealth. It went from "look, I can afford this exotic fabric and dye" to "look, I can afford to have someone wash this every time it is worn and I have enough of them to cycle them through sun bleaching."

    [–] bearatrooper 81 points ago

    "Who's that then?"

    "I dunno. Must be a king."


    "He hasn't got shit all over him."

    [–] HoaryPuffleg 54 points ago

    From what I remember, emeralds are more expensive than diamonds IF you were to get one of similar size, cut, clarity, etc. Emeralds and rubies tend to have more inclusions and lack the clarity. Or at least that's what I was told once. I'm.not a jeweler and have almost no interest in gemstones :-)

    [–] NaibofTabr 68 points ago

    Emeralds are rated 6 on the Mohs hardness scale (compared to diamonds at 10, the highest rating). They are significantly softer, so they're prone to damage during mining and handling and just being in the ground. Large emeralds with good color, clarity and lack of cracks or other flaws are quite rare.

    [–] Miss_Southeast 93 points ago

    * 8 on the hardness scale. 6 would be quartz. Also, hardness would affect how easily the gem is scratched or abraded, not broken.

    The term you'd want to use is "brittle." Emeralds are quite brittle, so they are prone to breaking.

    [–] Edward_TH 19 points ago

    Aren't rubies like, super easy to make? You just need heat, aluminium oxide and chromium. Some guys on YouTube demonstrated that those came be made even in a fucking microwave.

    [–] Cinders-P 12 points ago

    I think diamonds have a higher hardness though (?) I remember reading some warnings about emerald wedding rings since they're more prone to getting damaged.

    [–] deadmuthafuckinpan 79 points ago

    ask a pawn shop to show you their diamond bag. after the initial purchase with all the feel-good bullshit attached to it, diamonds go back to just being hard rocks.

    [–] andwerewalking 68 points ago

    Hello, may I please see your bag of diamonds. Thankyou. Yeet.

    [–] _Weyland_ 44 points ago


    Sir why did you throw my bag of diamonds out the window?

    [–] twisted_hysterical 49 points ago

    They definitely meant 'yoink'.

    [–] Aldirick1022 182 points ago

    DeBeers does not have a monopoly any longer. Canada and Russia have taken claim to alk their diamond mines.

    The status of a natural diamond is the only thing that keeps them 'valuable'. The vast majority of diamonds mined are industrial grade which does limit the amount of natural diamonds. Also the fact that DeBeers limited the amount of diamonds released to the public inflated the price.

    A friend of mine had his mother cremated and her ashes to be turned into a diamond. The diamond was later encased in an apoxy that was colored a shade of amber.

    [–] Jollybluepiccolo 52 points ago

    Is he going to then extract her dna from the mosquito diamond and insert it into another old lady to create all female versions of his mother who will then break free from their enclosures and hunt down every son who doesn’t call his mom enough?

    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago


    [–] Kazimierz777 130 points ago

    I would just stress though to anyone considering it, don’t buy a moissanite and try to pass it off as a diamond, as you can tell the difference.

    Moissanites give off a “rainbow” colour spectrum, whereas diamonds have a whiter sparkle, it’s quite noticeable in low-light.

    They are still beautiful stones though.

    [–] MisterFluff 47 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This is actually why I prefer mine over a diamond. Similarly to the criticism, of a lab diamonds being "too perfect", moissanite is described as being "too sparkly and colorful". Ehm. I thought that was the point?

    [–] [deleted] 327 points ago


    [–] Investoooor 778 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm an exploration geologist, I don't work in diamonds though. But the statement that diamonds are not unique or rare is a common trope on reddit and kinda bullshit.

    The conditions under which diamonds form are rare, they grow at great depths at the base of the earths crust where carbon can form in a stable environment to produce a diamond. We don't see many rocks from this depth, rare examples occur but in my 20 years I have only visited a single locality where I could look at mantle rocks.

    Diamonds then need to be brought to the Earths surface rapidly, over the course of days, in order for them to not start to reequalise with their new pressure and temperature conditions, this occurs through a sorta weird magmatic eruption in a diatreme like eruption in a rock called a kimberlite. Kimberlites are narrow, relatively small, do not have a large surface expression. The diamonds are then are relatively minor accessory mineral component within the kimberlite. Then you have to think the majority of diamonds are industrial and not gem quality. I have in my 20 years never mapped, sampled or visited a kimberlite.

    Real diamonds are rare, gem quality even rarer. They form under common conditions that we rarely ever see at surface. Diamonds are rare as fuck. If that rareity is something to you then you can place a value on it.

    [–] stemfish 163 points ago

    However, from the economist's view, diamonds are less rare than other gems. Looking at the issue from the central question of economics, why are diamonds priced so high when deciding who will produce them and who will purchase them? Diamonds are rare, but emeralds are rarer. Yet the market price doesn't show this to be the case.

    In a theoretical world, if an item is rare and has a high value then economic incentives say that it is economically advantageous to find a way to acquire the material in a cheaper way. Similarly, if an item has a value greater than its own relative scarcity when compared to competing products, then there is even more incentive to find some way to deliver the product to customers.

    The original question has nothing to do with how hard it is to mine diamonds or their relative scarcity. The question is why are they so expensive if both the original price is inflated and the market has created an alternative source? In this case, it is an easy answer, marketing, monopolies, and misunderstanding that wedding rings are the only competing buyers of diamonds.

    So you're 100% right that diamonds are rarer than Minecraft would lead you to believe. There's a great reason that in the very few places diamonds can be mined wars have been fought over who gets to control them. However, the economics of diamonds do not follow the existing mining discrepancy.