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    This sub is dedicated to 18 & 19 year old women.

    Detailed rules are further down, but if you follow these guidelines, you should be fine:

    Zero tolerance rules - Break these and you will be permanently banned. No second chances.

    • No advertising or selling in the sub - Sellers may post without advertising. If you think it might possibly be advertising, we probably consider it advertising. See Rule 3 for details

    • Sexualizing minors is prohibited - Pics, comments, or anything else that sexualizes minors. You'll be banned and reported to the admins. See Rule 2 for details

    • No insults, attacks, or dehumanizing anyone. See Rule 6 for details

    • Nothing related to incest is allowed. This includes using the term "daddy". See Rule 8 for details

    Other rules - repeat offenders will be permanently banned

    • 18-19 year olds only - This should be obvious. See Rule 1 for details

    • Softcore pics only - no dicks, sex toys, cum, etc. See Rule 4 for details

    • Sellers' pics must include nudity - If you sell nudes anywhere, your pics in this sub must include visible nipple or pussy. See Rule 5 for details

    • No spamming - Don't post the same pic to 5+ subs. See Rule 7 for details

    • No requests or offers for private messages - This is not a sub for hookups of any kind. No mentioning DMs, PMs, email addresses, or anything similar See Rule 9 for details

    • No Catfishing - Don't pretend it's you if it isn't you. See Rule 10 for details

    Detailed Rules explanations:

    Rule 1 - 18 & 19 year olds only.

    Self posters:

    • If you are 18 or 19, you're good as long as your pics were taken since you turned 18.

    • If you are 20+ you can post pics from when you were 18-19, but you must make it clear in the title of your post that the pic is not current and include your age at the time.


    • Anyone you post should be 18 or 19. If we believe you purposefully ignored the rule, you'll be permanently banned

    Rule 2 - No sexualization of minors.

    • No mention of anyone under age 18 is allowed. No, you can't say you lost your virginity at 17. No, you can't say your babysitter was hot. We don't care how innocuous your comment is. If you mention anyone under age 18, you'll be banned.

    • It should be obvious, but this sub is 18+. If you are under 18, you'll be banned, even if you are just a commenter.

    Rule 3 - No advertising or selling in this sub.

    • Posting pics is not considered advertising. Any reference to the fact that you are selling or any other location other than this sub is considered advertising.

    • DON'T mention OnlyFans, SnapChat, Kik, Pornhub, or any other site or subreddit where you publish or sell content.

    • DON'T reference your profile or posts in other subreddits.

    • No mentioning DMs, PMs, or other private messsaging.

    • Watermarking your pic with your Reddit username is allowed. No other watermarks are allowed. Reddit usernames begin with "/u/". Other sites use "@".

    • Other forms of advertising are banned, as well.

    Rule 4 - Softcore pics only

    In general, think Playboy pictorials.

    • DON'T focus on bodyparts. This is not PUSSY / ASS / TITS

    • NO Dicks allowed. No guys should be in the picture at all.

    • NO sex toys - Period. No butt plugs, no dildos, no bondage gear, nothing. Not even on the shelf in the background.

    • NO Sex acts or vaginal/anal penetration - No vaginal or anal penetration with anything. Fingers, penis, dildo, cactus, or anything else. Sucking on a lollypop is ok. Sucking on a dildo is not.

    • We filter any mention of bodyparts. If that happens, we will check your post and approve or remove it before long.

    • No cum - No facials, no cream pies, no pearl necklaces. No cum. We filter any mention of cum in a post title for review.

    Rule 5 - Sellers' pics must include nudity

    • Pics must include clearly visible nipples and/or pussy.

    • See through clothing is allowed at moderator discretion. Offenders who repeatedly post see through pics that do not pass moderators' approval will be banned.

    Rule 6 - No insults, attacks, or dehumanizing anyone.

    This applies to post tiles (even self posts) and comments.

    A non-exhaustive list of examples:

    • Doxxing

    • Any threatening comments.

    • "What would you do to her?"

    • "Rate her"

    • Terms like "bitch" or "whore"

    • Insults like "fat" or "nasty"

    Rule 7 - No spamming

    • DON'T post the same pic to 5 or more subs.

    • DON'T post more than 4 times in this sub per 24 hours

    • DON'T Delete & Repost - Don't try to game the system

    • We want relatively exclusive content in this sub. If you consistently post pics that are exclusive to this sub, you'll get more leeway for any accidental breaking of other rules.

    Rule 8 - Nothing related to incest is allowed.

    • DON'T refer to any family member at all. Don't use the term daddy, cousin, brother, sister, mom, niece, or anything else.

    Rule 9 - No requests for private messages

    • Commenters: No mentioning DMs, PMs, email addresses, or anything similar

    • Sellers: See Rule 3

    Rule 10 - No Catfishing

    • Sellers who only accept gift cards or other non-refundable payments are assumed to be catfishing.

    • Reposters are allowed, but the post title must make it clear that you are not the person in the pic.

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    [–] kase0 43 points ago

    [–] tryingnottotouchmyse 0 points ago

    karma hore

    [–] TrapGod1337 25 points ago

    ( . )( * )

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That's her name, don't wear it out

    [–] Dustyfucker 1 points ago


    [–] Nick246 1 points ago


    Does she porn?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I know she surfs reddit. She was pissed we were making shit out of her budget boob job that gave her gonzo nipples.

    [–] Nick246 11 points ago

    I would be happy with them.

    In. My. Face.

    [–] master_player_panda 3 points ago

    Any pics of her before her boob job?

    [–] OriginalRudeboi 1 points ago

    Haha yeah that boob job is awful LOL....jheeze, never actually seen a botched boob job before till now😂

    [–] DarkHawk2 2 points ago

    You're relatively new, so we'll cut you some slack for not knowing that there's a subreddit for everything. /s


    [–] sneakpeekbot 1 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/FlawedBoltons [NSFW] using the top posts of the year!

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    #2: The big fake tits of Lolly Ink! | 11 comments
    #3: Amy Anderssen opens her towel | 2 comments

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    [–] OriginalRudeboi 1 points ago

    Haha thanks