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    [–] Your Honor - S01E06 - Part Six - Discussion Thread LBPhotoColourising 24 points ago in YourHonorTV

    I'm calling it, the show is about how a mob boss gets a top judge in his pocket.

    [–] Your Honor - S01E04 - Part Four - Discussion Thread LBPhotoColourising 30 points ago in YourHonorTV

    I thought Kofi was going to tell him the truth and he'd believe him and let him live.

    [–] Need to buy glasses but lost prescription?? LBPhotoColourising 1 points ago in glasses

    Most places online don't require a copy of your prescription you can just input the numbers yourself.

    [–] Cheap glasses? LBPhotoColourising 1 points ago in glasses

    Goggles4u. Before you order do a search for discount codes, theres lots of them.

    [–] Got FreeMCBoot installed thanks to FreeDVDBoot LBPhotoColourising 2 points ago in ps2

    It looks great but you used a picture of a PS2 fat and it's not compatible with any fat consoles as of yet.

    [–] Mr. Bald and Harald United Again! LBPhotoColourising 5 points ago in MisterBald

    I got the feeling they'd fallen out because when they went to Bolivia (I think it was Boliva anyway) together they just went their seperate ways, stayed in different accomodation, hardly collaborated on videos etc.

    [–] [paid] korean first birthday photo request 1960 hopefully before june 10? LBPhotoColourising 1 points ago in colorizationrequests

    The easiest way for you to share it is probably to make a new post on the /r/colorization subreddit and choose image & video when making the post and just upload the image through reddit. Then post here to say you've done so.

    [–] Counterfeit Arctic Silver 5 on Amazon Prime (Again) LBPhotoColourising 2 points ago in buildapc

    They also pay for good reviews by advertising free products on fb. You pay for the product through Amazon then they refund via PayPal after a review.

    [–] who has a 5.05 PS4 only? LBPhotoColourising 2 points ago in ps4homebrew

    Me, I wouldn't even have that but I found it whilst out walking my dog. The bluray drive doesn't work so I assume thats why someone had thrown it away. Luckily it was below 5.05.

    [–] PS2 Classics GUI - By: TheDarkProgramer LBPhotoColourising 2 points ago in ps4homebrew

    Great tool. I'm new to making PS2 FPKGs, does anyone have any recommendations for upscaling and uprendering settings, any issues with using them or is it best to leave them off?