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    [–] [pistol] Century Arms AP5-P 9mm 5.75” TB $1549.99 shipped TrapGod1337 3 points ago in gundeals

    It ran about 500rds and then on my next range trip it was FTE after every round and after about 3 attempts with different ammo the bolt locked up. They just emailed me a shipping label and had me send it out to them. Probably like a 2-3 week turnaround and 2+ years later ive had no problems with it.

    [–] [pistol] Century Arms AP5-P 9mm 5.75” TB $1549.99 shipped TrapGod1337 1 points ago in gundeals

    I can add that i did have a problem with my PTR but they fixed it for free, no hiccups at all since then so im more than satisfied with it

    [–] Cannibal didn't even need a buff TrapGod1337 11 points ago in deadbydaylight

    Yeah Haunted Ground should only expose the person who cleanses too since the person getting chased had no control over it... Having a part of the map locked down is 10x better than being exposed.

    [–] I SHOULDA WENT PRO!!!! TrapGod1337 2 points ago in lean

    Real deal holyfield

    [–] Can’t...hold...good... dog TrapGod1337 89 points ago in scriptedasiangifs

    So its possibly not so scripted after all

    [–] What do u guys think of this "wok" going around my area lately 😂😂 TrapGod1337 9 points ago in lean

    Put it in a clear baby bottle or pour it up or something, cant really give much of an assessment with this video

    [–] 🔮 TrapGod1337 1 points ago in lean

    What brand of syrup is that?

    [–] Lucky to be British TrapGod1337 13 points ago in lean

    That shit 21 Savage be sipping on, I see you

    [–] WARNING Too much info but need advice TrapGod1337 1 points ago in lean

    Yeah just fix your diet and drink water, I'm pretty sure that comes from getting stomach ulcers, that's my guess

    [–] Can someone tell me what this is guessing cheratussin by smell TrapGod1337 2 points ago in lean

    I USED to mix this stuff with CBX's SunPharma and it made it fire af and had me more sleepy... you can sip that and take any opiate n it will help the high, so its not completely worthless, just dont drink a lot of it at once

    [–] HELP ---CBX WYA????? TrapGod1337 1 points ago in lean

    Hit me back again.

    [–] Buy 4 coins now or is there a drop to be waiting for TrapGod1337 3 points ago in litecoin

    Literally had the transaction ready at 130, never again lol

    [–] Bonehead [oc] TrapGod1337 5 points ago in Heavymind

    For sale?

    [–] I wonder what role this alien played in its advanced society TrapGod1337 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 years ago) in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Literally just saw a Vy'Keen alien thats name was "Perfect Fuq" i have a screenshot if youd like haha